What They're Saying

What a lucky day it was when I met Heather Arnold, professional make-up artist.

Heather complimented the way I applied make-up yet gave me some new ways to look at color for cheeks and lips. The exciting part was selecting products suitable for day and different ones for night. So simple, yet so enlightening; now I am so much more confident on all occasions! Thanks, Heather.

Another great quality Heather has is helping to select Gifts for friends. One Valentine’s Day, I described the hair color, skin tone and usual lipstick of four friends: Heather helped me select four different lipsticks (packaged beautifully) and much to my amazement each person adored the choice I made for her!

Heather is always guiding and calm; she accepts what I am and listens to my concerns. However, Heather never fails to show me an opportunity in case I’m open to it.
— Teresa Salkin
There are many options when it comes to professional makeup application. What many of us want however, is expert care personalized for our skin type and lifestyle. Just as important is finding that special someone who will listen and adapt accordingly. Heather’s makeup artistry is beautiful and practical, this combined with her exceptional listening skills set her apart. It’s without hesitation I recommend Heather Arnold to friends and associates looking to update their makeup skills or prepare for a special event. Heather truly provides “beauty by design”.

Heather gave my 15 year old an in-home makeup tutorial that was age appropriate, she also considered my daughter’s makeup experience and skin type. As a result, my daughter felt and looked amazing.

Heather helped me cover and conceal my post-surgical scars and bruising with it looking cakey. She provided me with color and application options for daytime and evening and her face chart made later application a snap.

Her recommendations are based on your needs, skin type and preferences. Heather has the ability to adjust these recommendations to find options that you will be happy and comfortable applying and wearing.
— Rebecca Rathgeber
I can’t thank you enough for creating a photographic human today! You are a genius talent.. so many beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to work with you again!
— Custis Ferguson